Ali & Asaf | Wedding | Crooked Willow Farms, Larkspur, CO


I love weddings because I love being married. That's why my favorite weddings aren't so much set apart by their flowers, food, and finery, but rather by the kindness and delight the couple shows one another. When a couple can be both gorgeous and gregarious, stylish and sweet, lovely to look at and lovely to each other--those are the days I feel the most fortunate in my job.  Ali and Asaf were just such a couple. The photos here capture their style, sophistication, and well executed good taste. What you don't see is the way they talked about each other glowing with enthusiasm, and how their families simply did not have enough time to cram in all the good things they wanted to say during their toasts. This kind of love and luck in life is rare and I'm grateful and humbled to have been their photographer. 


Dream Team: Planner: The Incredible Sarah at Ever so Chic Events | Photographers: Myself and my partner in all things Will Neder | Venue: Crooked Willow Farms | Catering: Epicurean | Officiant: Uncle Fabian | Reception Music: DJ Connection |