Blaise & Cassie | Downtown Denver and Red Rocks Colorado Engagement Photography

Best email of my career to date came from Blaise while we were planning his and Cassie's engagement session. I'm paraphrasing here but it went something like this: "We want timeless, classic, original photos that are difficult to replicate and we encourage you to let your artistic freedom run wild with us...also I'm bringing a crapload of confetti." 

UM OKAY! This is the best possible thing anyone could ever say. Artistic freedom? Make something new rather going for the known quantity of an existing good image? DEAL! All in all, I think we spent over three hours shooting that morning...we went from Union Station, to a random colorful alley in LoDo, and then drove all the way out to Red Rocks as a thunderstorm was rolling in (we finished right as we heard the first clap of thunder). We tried random things, we talked about locations and light, Blaise and Cassie were game for anything and it was AMAZING! I've probably never had more fun collaborating in my life. Thanks you two! I can't wait for your wedding next summer.