Joni & Timothy | Eastern Orthodox Wedding at Holy Theophany Orthodox Church and The Pioneer's Museum | Colorado Springs, CO


I first met Joni on my only trip to Colorado in college. I had no idea that less than two years later, I’d be living here myself. Joni is the younger sister of one of my good friends from college whose family graciously hosted upwards of 8 nerdy coeds over a decade ago. I owe Joni and her family of Italian geniuses a lot for that trip, namely an understanding of the proper way to eat marinara sauce, My first experience with “The Godfather” movies (including some impromptu translations by her Sicilian grandparents), and my first somewhat shocking experience with the Colorado Springs Incline (It’s a mile of stairs leading up to Pike’s Peak that this former flatlander was altogether unprepared for). 


I was so thrilled when Joni’s sister asked if I could possibly shoot her wedding, not only to see my friend again (who now lives across the country), but also because I’d have the chance to photograph my first Orthodox wedding (and as you can see, their churches are GORGEOUS).