Anne & Michelle | Boulder, CO Wedding Photography

I met Anne and (Mi-)Shell last year when Anne called me out of the blue from her and Shell's home in Des Moines looking for exactly the right wedding photographer for their dream Colorado wedding. Anne and Shell LOVE Colorado and were looking for someone whose worked they loved, and also who they could be sure would be LGBT friendly. To me, the thought that they would even have to ask this question spoke to the incredible lame-ness of our country at the time. Thankfully the Obergefell decision came down not long after that--not that everything is perfect now, but it's an important step in the right direction. 

It took about .004 seconds for Anne and I to hit it off. Not long after that I got to know Michelle and I adore her just as much. Let me tell you--the way these two laugh and have adventures together is downright inspiring. I pretty much love everything about them and wish they would move to Colorado. (HINT) Leading up to the wedding there were a handful of facetime calls, usually with wine and side-discussions of our mutual love of the outdoors. (Anne and Shell went on an epic western camping trip for their honeymoon).

I hope that we can all work together to build a world where no-one has to wonder if a photographer, or any other near stranger is going to give them grief or be unsupportive because of an irrelevant thing like the gender of the person they love. 

Check out their gorgeous engagement photos (that you may have seen all over the on popSugar a few months ago) at:

Venue: Wedgewood on Boulder Creek | Favorite beer of the brides: Dry Dock Apricot Blonde