Katie & Brook | Wedding | Jacuzzi Family Vineyard | Sonoma, CA

Despite the traditional trappings--a white dress, a champagne toast, and a 4pm ceremony with bouquets, pink dresses, and a string quartet--some couples I've had the fortune to work with lately are turning the traditional wedding on its head in favor of something more "them."

Cookies shaped like bottles of 30-year old Macallan single malt, Prada shoes (for the groom), and the insanely gorgeous Jacuzzi Family Vineyard in Sonoma, CA. Katie & Brook (They call each other "the loveys" or some such, at least online) built a wedding that is a tribute to who they are. They happen to be lovers of life, travel, cigars, and Veuve Cliquot. They met (where else?) at brunch one weekend morning, and have been lighting up the world with their mutual enthusiasm and high-brow sense of humor with occasional nods to their more--ehrm--country roots. (I can say this because the groom and I grew up in the same neighborhood in Oklahoma and don't get me started on the Chubbies, because really that's a story for another day.) These are two people who don't take life for granted and leave a trail of laughter in their wake.

After 8 years of shooting weddings, nothing makes me happier than to see a couple like this revel in tradition and let their personalities shine through. Actually that's not true. Nothing makes me happier than to see a couple totally on the same page with each other like these two. We people on the outside of a marriage can never say for sure what the magic is that keeps a couple together through the years, but based on the fun these two have together, if I had to guess, I'd say they definitely have whatever that secret ingredient is. 

Speaking of magic, my favorite perfectly timed moment of the day was when Katie's veil blew off during her and Brook's kiss at the altar. Check it out below. 


Cool people I worked with:

Darlene & James Forbes and Darlene's assistant, Judy--Planner and Officiant | Accordia Music | Amber and the team with Preferred Sonoma Caterers | Vanda Floral | Supreme Sweets | Gail and Mary at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards