Nils & Corinne Wedding | Denver, CO | Grant-Humphreys Mansion

--Will Neder

--Will Neder

Driving up a narrow winding road in Colorado's Golden Gate State Park last October, I asked the fairly pedestrian question "so what do you two do?" Corinne and Nils were riding with me to a large stand of wild aspens that I knew would be bright gold on this particular day. We were shooting their engagement photos while they were in town from California on a short visit. Their answer was the absolute coolest thing that anyone has ever said, or probably will ever say: "We are Rocket Scientists." 

I was immediately awestruck. As a HUGE astronomy nerd growing up, I read every book I could get my hands on about space travel, analyses of planets, distant star systems, black holes, you name it. (I also watched a lot of Star Trek, but I have no idea how much of that is scientifically accurate, and I'm a little reticent to bring it up for fear of looking absurdly misinformed, especially now that I know people who know what they're talking about) This was an amazing moment: the coolest couple I had ever personally heard of was actually in my car. "Both of you?" I asked. I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. As it turns out, Corinne's ACTUAL JOB is working on the NEXT MARS MISSION, and Nils' work has something to do with testing futuristic rockets for the government. 

Nils & Corinne are kind of like this guy...except together they are TWICE as interesting   

Nils & Corinne are kind of like this guy...except together they are TWICE as interesting


At this point, you're probably imagining the sort of people who might just have a scientific calculator stashed somewhere on their person for solving those last minute physics equations, or at the very least a pair or two of statement glasses and a T-shirt from last year's comic con between the two of them. (I apologize for perpetuating rocket scientist stereotypes) That's just the thing. Not only are they stylish, personable, and engaging, but less than thirty minutes earlier, I had asked them if they liked to dance (a question I often ask when posing engagement photos...usually to no avail) and they had busted out what looked to my untrained eyes for all the world like an Argentinian Tango. 

That's right folks. I present to you the wedding of The Most Interesting Couple in the World.™️

 NIls & Corinne tied the knot on a snowy, yet green day in April in Denver. Their ceremony was at Good Shepherd Catholic Church  where Corinne attended growing up. The reception was held at the gorgeous Grant-Humphreys Mansion where we worked with the delightful Barb, and enjoyed a meal by Greens Point Catering. The bride and groom both got ready at The Inn at Cherry Creek. 

Will and I photographed this wedding together in our unique but complimentary styles--his documentary and chiaroscuro, mine editorial and vibrant. We believe the combination of these two approaches is the highest and best use of our abilities, resulting in the best experience for our clients. Please enjoy our two galleries below


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