Brightin & Scott | Boulder Engagement

One of the best things about being a photographer in Colorado is that you're never necessarily bound by the seasons. At certain times of the year it can look like two different seasons on consecutive days. At other times, you can drive for an hour or two and ascend 5000 feet or more to places where the cooler weather means the snow doesn't melt until August, or the Aspen leaves turn gold a full several weeks before they change in the mile high city. When we scheduled Brightin & Scott's engagement photos for late March, we had no idea that Denver and Boulder would be hit with a huge snowstorm the day before. I asked Brightin if she wanted to reschedule because the 18" of snowfall in a single day had left many of the roads impassible. Fortunately, spring snowstorms here often melt quickly, and we were left with the rare day where it's warm enough to wear a sleeveless dress outside, but the world is still shining in a fresh layer of white.

We photographed Brightin and Scott in the Flatiron mountains in Boulder, and at CU Boulder where Brightin is a graduate music student. I can't wait to shoot their wedding in October!