Jill & Justin | Denver area Winter Wedding

On the snowiest day we’ve had here in Denver since at least 2010, what better to feast your eyes on than one of my favorite snowy winter weddings ever?

Jill and Justin are one of the most fun couples I’ve ever worked with. Jill has this amazing greeting/dance move she does when she’s excited that I’ve decided to name “The Jill.” It involves throwing both hands in the air in a perfect cheerleader “V” and screaming excitedly like you’ve just met your favorite celebrity. She pulled this move out several times during the day whenever she was excited to see someone, and I have to say…I LOVE it. 

Jill’s awesome family (shoutout to Leslie) and Justin’s beautiful daughters, along with one of the most enthusiastic wedding parties I’ve ever spent time with, as well as countless other friends and family members made for a day no one will forget for a long while. 

Thanks again Jill and Justin and families. We loved working with you!