Kristen & Brett | Wedding | Black Bear Golf Club Parker, CO

I’ll tell you one thing about Kristen, Brett, and their people. They are CRIERS. There are no less than six pictures below of people wiping tears away (often Kristen and Brett SIMULTANEOUSLY wiping tears away) and this isn’t even all of their photos. You know that phrase that we’re seeing everywhere lately? Ugly-cry? Yeah. That’s not so much them. Every tear shed here, it’s readily apparent, is both attractive and joyful. As someone whose job it is to document wedding crying, I can’t tell you how rare this is. Check out all the awesome cry-cam footage below (just kidding, I only do still photography, I just wanted to say cry-cam)

BUT FIRST….how did I meet these two pretty-criers who are, (no exaggeration here) completely perfect for each other?

They are super good friends with one of my favorite wedding couples from LAST YEAR! Check out Matt and Shelly’s amazing wedding at Arrowhead Golf Course here:  Here are a couple of faves:

And now for the main event, Kristen & Brett's awesome wedding: