Demetria & Andre | Engagement | Chautauqua Park and Gross Reservoir, Boulder, CO

Demetria and Andre are two of Colorado's newest residents. Demetria just finished up her PhD and her and Andre are finally united in Aurora after doing the long distance thing for a while. They'll be getting married this January in Houston. Definitely a pair of complimentary opposites--Demetria is all business and Andre is a bit of a goofball. Okay, she's not JUST business...she's got a mean eye-roll and Andre makes her laugh a lot. These things are definitely related. 

Demetria and Andre have only been in Aurora for a couple of months. When they told me one of their favorite things to do was go fishing together, I knew just the place to take their photos. We started in Chautauqua Park for a great view of the iconic Flatirons mountains, then we headed up and over them to beautiful, serene Gross Reservoir. I have no idea if Gross Reservoir is a great place for fishing. We didn't catch any this particular day, but that could have been due to a lack of bait. I think you'll agree that the lake served its purpose visually and reflected the yellow aspens on this gorgeous October Day. 

Demetria and Andre, I wish you mountains of happiness in your life together.