Ali & Anthony | Wedding | Denver, CO


Ali and Anthony can DANCE. It's more than that. I've spent years of my life in dance classes, both with partners and without, and there's something amazing about the way these two hit the floor. I think the secret ingredient, both in their dancing and their relationship, is an incredible amount of trust.

I got to know these two when I did their engagement photos last March (an excursion that involved my first written citation from a park ranger--an event I won't soon forget, and a bonding experience for the three of us) I knew they were an incredibly well suited and fun loving couple, but despite all that I did not realize how trusting and in-synch these two are. At several times during the wedding reception, Anthony would be dancing with Ali and seemingly out of nowhere THROW HER IN THE AIR. Time after time, she would land, unharmed and beaming in a flourish of skirts, and the crowd would scream and loose their minds. I've seen incredible dancing couples before, but there was something about the way these two could just communicate in seconds and trust each other to pull off what I know to be complicated and even dangerous aerial stunts. If I wasn't convinced they were an amazing couple before, I am now. 

Other things I thought were wonderful about A & A's wedding: 

  • Father Michael, Deacon Mark, and Anne the coordinator at Light of the World…Ali and Anthony are clearly very close to their hearts. More than any other church wedding I’ve been at, you can see the mutual love and respect, and the looks of pride at watching a great couple get married.

  • Ali's family makes wines in Washington State. Her parents own Fidelitas Winery outside of Seattle. As if she wasn't cool enough already.

  • Ali has this Bohemia-meets-jackie-O thing going on style wise that has me taking notes. She’s got classic style and an easy smile that makes it easy to see why Anthony fell so hard. 

  • Anthony and his two brothers were all crying at several points during the day. It was amazing to see so many strong men wear their hearts on their sleeve. 

Venue: Light of the World  | Flowers: The bride and her sisters | Caterer: Tamale Kitchen