Heather & Mike | Bailey, CO Wedding at Deer Creek Valley Ranch

"Colorado, where you can have all four seasons in one day," I've heard this over and over since I moved to this lovely state nine years ago. I've always been a skeptic, since where I grew up, we thought WE had the most capricious weather in the country. (e.g: "If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait 15 minutes."). Heather and Mike's wedding was truly the craziest weather I've ever seen in all my years of shooting weddings. 

Driving down to Bailey from Denver in the early afternoon, Will and I noted the temperature in the mid thirties and the sleet issuing from the dark clouds above and assumed we'd be shooting at the backup indoor location. When we arrived, Heather was cheerful and optimistic about the weather changing for the better, but that didn't seem to be in the cards. Sophia, did her best to let Heather down easy (the light touch was not necessary...Heather is insanely laid back and calm) and assembled a team to ready the backup indoor ceremony room. 

A half hour later, I was downstairs in the large game room that served as the groom's quarters, taking a few portraits of mike, when he pointed at a window high up on a wall to some blue sky breaking through the clouds in the distance. He commented that he knew it would thrill Heather if the weather turned and the outdoor ceremony could still happen. Long story short, the ceremony was delayed by about 20 minutes to give the Deer Creek Valley Ranch staff time to wipe the rain off the outdoor chairs, and by the time Mike and Heather were saying their vows we had bright sunshine and temps in the low seventies. I've had some lucky weather changes on wedding days...but nothing like this. 

After the wedding we took the family formal portraits, and then Will and I spent about a half hour with Mike & Heather alone (my favorite time of the day). As we were taking their couple portraits, the clouds began to assemble above us again, which I appreciated as it softened the harsh sunlight and made for more stunning and evenly lit portraits. As we re-entered the main barn for dinner, rain began to fall. Gently at first, but I swear I heard thunder around the time of the entree course. The first dance had been slated to happen on the spacious front porch of the barn to give the DCVR team time to clear a few tables for the indoor dance space, but I figured that was the least of our worries and we'd figure out how to have the dance inside. The truly unbelievable part is that THE CLOUDS PARTED AGAIN just in time for the first dance. We had lovely rain-cleared air and some beautiful backlighting during the first dance and father/daughter/mother/son dances. The way the light worked out that day, we could not have planned it any better. I'm still a little bit in shock. 

One more cool detail: Heather had a "Man of Honor," and Mike a "Best Woman." 

Heather and Mike elected to have my incredible shooting partner (and husband) Will photograph their wedding as well. We have spent most of our photographic careers working separately, and as such have developed two unique artistic styles. Because we believe each set of images stands on its own, when couples choose to have two photographers, we deliver two complete sets of images. You can read more about Will's style and approach Here.  Please enjoy a selection of Will's images below.

Venue: Deer Creek Valley Ranch | Planner: Sophia at Beata Giorni Events | Transportation: Moonlight Carriage  | Floral: A Flore | DJ: DJ Guy | Caterer: Relish