Sarah & Ryan | Wedding | Santa Fe NM

Oh boy, this is a special one. Sarah is one of my first friends ever. Our moms were best friends in high school and were in each other's weddings when they both married their HS sweethearts (our dads). Actually, it's crazier than that. They shared a wedding dress (Sarah's mom's dress, that my mom wore later...they both looked great). Somewhere between going to different schools and moving across the country in our twenties (Sarah to San Fransisco, me to Colorado) Sarah and I lost touch. Boy am I glad she found my wedding photography work last year when planning her Santa Fe, NM destination wedding. It's one thing to meet up with a long lost friend after decades and catch up on the memories, it's a whole different thing to see someone after so many years and feel like you're meeting a new friend. Sarah is this electric, creative, stylish, and over-the-top awesome person that I can't wait to get to know all over again. I only just met Ryan, but it's easy to see why she loves him. 

Sarah had to have just the right dress, most of this gorgeous dress she sewed herself. Also that veil...I discovered when photographing it that it's OUR MOM's. (They were both there...we all had a moment). I loved that she chose aromatic herbs for her bridesmaids (Rosemary and Lavender) plus the Peters Projects Gallery was an incredible venue (That reception was the best lighting I've seen all year). Styling, planning, air plants, and general awesomeness by the incredible Jessie Baca . Make sure not to miss Sarah's magnificent wedding tattoo below!