HariNarayan & Michael | Kennebunkport, ME Wedding


People who know me well know that I have real issues with cliches. Unfortunately, there’s almost no bigger cliche in the wedding industry than the gushy over-enthusiastic wedding pro blog post. Please let that inform what I’m about to say. 

This wedding blew my mind. Huddy (HariNarayan is pronounced as if the R were a D, and thus gets shortened to Huddy) is one of the kindest, intuitive, electric people I have ever met. You can see from the dance floor photos (scroll down…keep scrolling, there’s a lot) how insanely expressive she is. What you can’t see is how she seems to read the emotions on everyone around her and can jump in with a kind word or a goofy smile and seem to make each of her friends feel at ease and enjoy themselves. Michael is a little quieter, but every bit as enthusiastic and friendly. Their ceremony was personal and creative, sprinkled liberally with costal Maine golden hour light. 

This was the first time I had been to Maine. I may or may not have fallen in love with the rocky shorelines and virtually free lobster that they’re handing out on every street corner. I had suspected since childhood, but now it’s confirmed that I would be eternally happy living year round in clothes from LL Bean, breathing cold Atlantic air and hiking around in old growth forests that extend practically to the waterline. Some people tolerate brisk damp mornings, I thrive on them. (Maine brides…if you’re on this site, you have my number.) Fortunately for me my husband agrees, so if we’re lucky and get vacation time next year, I think we have consensus as to a destination. 

Speaking of my husband, Will shot this wedding with me, but there were SO MANY good images, I’m going to have to devote a whole future post just to his favorites. There may even be a third post devoted to the personal vacation-style images we took during our five days in the northeast. GET READY. 

Many thanks to the family—you know who you are—for making this one of the best destination wedding experiences ever. 

Venue: Nonantum Resort | Flowers: Cymbidium Floral