Cortney & Josh | Wedding | Four Seasons Resort, Vail, CO

If for some reason you feel like being warm and cozy today, you are reading the right blog. Cortney and Josh's wedding was the epitome of winter warmth. The loveliness of the candle-glow and fur stoles and fireplaces in every room and newfallen snow on the rooftops outside is enough to make summer weddings pale in comparison. 

Then there's how Cortney and Josh are just warm people. Cortney and I met this past summer and we had one of those moments where it felt like we had known eachother for years. When I met Josh on the wedding day, we both talked about how this meeting was long overdue. Josh quickly stole my heart when he spent almost an hour with a handful of groomsmen making statement flower arrangements. Of all the weddings I've been in charge of flowers was something I had never seen--but as you can see, it turned out delightfully. Josh later told me, as he was rushing around working on various last-minute projects, that it was really important to him that Cortney didn't have to worry about anything on her wedding day...securing his status in my mind as one of the sweetest guys I have ever worked with. 

Josh and Cortney are responsible for picking out and designing all of the fantastic decorations you'll see below, including all the gorgeous lanterns and glowing trees. Set against the backdrop of the gorgeous and immaculate Four Seasons Resort Vail, I can't imagine them having done it better. 

Yes, I know what you're thinking, that IS the one ring to rule them all. 

Venue | Four Seasons Resort Vail