Bridget & Neil's Wedding at The Lyons Farmette

As you drive into Lyons, CO from the east on HWY 36, There is a tiny distillery on your left, and a tiny farm (thus: Farmette) on your right. Lyons is home to many beautiful enclaves and unique purveyors, but these two seem particularly well located. The sky threatens rain, and I head up the gravel path in my boots to inquire with the people setting out chairs on the farmette's scenic lawn. The groom and his cohorts have (naturally) found their way to the distillery. 

There's something magical about being part of a wedding party. Something about the matching suits and dresses, people let you do things and go places they normally wouldn't. This is how we found ourselves among the stills and whiskey barrels at Spirit Hound distillery, resulting in my favorite groomsman photo all year. (Close second is this one of men with bouquets) (Close third is the one where the Llama sticks its neck into the frame in front of Neil and his'll see it below)

That's right I said Llama. The Farmette is a real working farm. How they manage to make it look so incredibly gorgeous and maintain all that livestock is beyond me. Later in the day the whole wedding party spent some time with the Llamas and goats. A goat even jumped on Bridget's dress (don't worry, we got the dirt off before the ceremony).