Dani & Colby | La Veta, Colorado Wedding

If you're going to throw the biggest party of your life (aka a wedding), It's advisable to pick a big, gorgeous location, invite the most fun people you know, and enjoy yourself. That's exactly what Dani and Colby did. You can tell from the photos that the wedding party especially was a fun group to be around. The Spanish Peaks mountains that are in almost every shot are nothing to complain about either. 

Dani and Colby are good friends of my family. They make a great couple and I am excited for them for the years of happiness they will undoubtedly enjoy. Knowing them well made for an extra amount of ease and rapport in front of the lens, and I think that shows in the images. 

Things to look for below:

  • Those SHOES. Apparently they were the inspiration for much of the wedding. I LOVE THEM.
  • A very real (istic?) faint from a certain bridesmaid when standing next to the groom.
  • Hanna, my sister, in the bridal party. Dani is one of her lifelong best friends. 
  • Colby's amazing reaction to getting his very own ring.