Valerie & Brad | Estes Park, CO Wedding

Simplicity is beautiful. It's one of the many lessons from the art of photography. Good composition eliminates distracting elements, good processing focuses the attention only on the essential, sometimes even to the exclusion of color. 

As a wedding photographer in Indianapolis, Valerie knows the value of simplicity as much as I do. She and her Fiancee Brad planned the simplest, loveliest, and most stress-free day I could have imagined. They flew out to Colorado and picked out a mountain to say their vows on once they got here. I met Valerie, Brad, and their officiant just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. With my assistant, that made for a total attendance of five people. Then we went on a photo-taking adventure, and a few hours later, Valerie and Brad were honeymooning in Estes Park, CO. 

I think you'll all agree it was stunning.