Chelsea and Jimmy | Winter Engagement Photos


There's something about winter. I know almost no one who would offer up winter as their favorite season, yet we can't help but collectively love the romance of it. Snow makes everything prettier; it covers up the flaws on the landscape and muffles the noises that we don't notice until they're absent. Who doesn't love the thought that it might be not just a convenient excuse, but actually necessary to get close enough to someone to keep them warm. As with whiskey and fireplaces, this art of keeping warm can be pure pleasure. Where would we be without the cold weather to inspire it?

Chelsea and Jimmy met at CU in Boulder, so one morning we all drove up to Boulder's Chautauqua Park, where you can see the whole city and the Flatiron Mountains, with a whole lot of outerwear and a Buffs flag. It was bitter cold that day, Jimmy was wearing the worst possible shoes for climbing the slick, snowy path, and we kept getting hit by these crazy gusts of arctic wind that blew the snow up all around us, but you wouldn't know it from these great photos we were able to get. Thanks for being such good sports about the crazy weather, Jimmy and Chelsea. I can't wait to shoot your wedding in July!