Chelsea & Jimmy | Mile High Station Wedding

At Chelsea & Jimmy's beautiful downtown Denver wedding, I had the pleasure of taking this picture:

I think you'll agree it's the most epic bridal portrait of all time.

After getting ready, the bride and bridesmaids (and bridesman) went to the Churchill Room cigar bar in the historic Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver. There they enjoyed celebratory cigars and whiskey before the ceremony while looking badass and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. 

Both the ceremony and reception were at Mile High Station. It's a beautiful space, but its dim, atmospheric lighting and lack of any white surfaces (which reflect light in a pleasing way) made it a challenge to photograph. I solved this problem by using two stand mounted flash units with small soft boxes for the ceremony and all the way through the reception. This allowed me to move around freely, including getting some photos from the open upstairs, without moving my lights around and distracting from the ceremony, while also getting great photos with detail, clarity and color that would be unobtainable in a low light situation. I have long used these lights at weddings during dancing when lights are always lowered and it would be impossible to freeze motion otherwise. I do think they added greatly to the ceremony shots in this case. At a wedding, a pro photographer has to be prepared to get photos in any light situation that arises, in this case, I was glad to be ready.

I loved working with these two. Chelsea is a load of fun, and Jimmy is her perfect match. I wish them luck with their eternal happiness, but they don't need it. 

The gorgeous flowers are by Rachel Hutcheson at (she was also the co-ordinator and was a dream to work with)