Christine & Chad | Destination Wedding Photography


Beautiful. Perfect. Simplicity. Christine knew what she wanted and it didn't involve chairs, arches, tulle, or even one more flower than was absolutely necessary. She wanted Chad from the moment she met him. She wanted the perfect shade of Cornflower Blue. (Or was it cerulean? We didn't know but she certainly did. It was that shade of blue and nothing else. The hydrangeas and the sky and Christine's eyes. No other shade would do.) She wanted the beach. 

And so we went, in early November, to Captiva Island, FL, to almost the exact spot where Chad had proposed a few months earlier. Chad and Christine made that beach their own. Christine's father got ordained just so he could perform the ceremony. Their wedding party consisted of only the nearest and dearest. A stunningly beautiful day, and a couple that didn't want to be apart for one more second than they had to.

I was lucky to be part of this incredible celebration. Christine was with me for my own simple beach wedding nearly eight years ago. My daughter, Alessi Christine, is the adorable blonde flower girl you'll see in these pictures. I am thrilled Christine has found such happiness, and I hope I have done her justice with these images. If even one small part of the way I felt that day comes across in these photographs, you will be blown away.