Richelle & Jimmy | Kansas City Engagement Photography


I didn't think it would bother me to not know which state I was in, but it did. Kansas City sits happily astride the border of Kansas and Missouri and even though I've been there a handfull of times (I grew up four hours away in Tulsa, OK) I still haven't managed to get my bearings. It's extra strange because the laws are different on each side of the border (wine in grocery stores only in Missouri, I think...) and in a given day you could zip back and forth between the two states several times while just running errands. (Perhaps you needed some wine and to go to the grocery store, for example, as I often do) 

Fortunately I wasn't running any errands over the two days I was in KC, (insert state here), I was shooting engagement pictures and lying by my best friend's pool. I have the distinct privilege of being able to travel for my photography, including later this month when I'll be shooting KC, (again, not sure which state goes here) residents Richelle & Jimmy's wedding in Copper Mountain, CO. (<--See that? Nailed it) My best friend happens to live in Kansas City, (her apartment, at least, is in MO), so I was able to make this a work-and-pleasure trip, which is about as awesome as it gets when you have your own business.

Now to why this locational enigma bothered me I love to count the number of states I've shot assignments professionally in. Before this I was at eight (seven if we're just talking weddings) , because I hope to eventually be able to say I've had photo assignments in every state. Now I'm not sure if I can say nine, or ten. I'll admit that's not a bad problem to have, though.



Geographic ambiguity aside, I found Kansas City, (whatever) nicer, more temperate, and more beautiful than I had even expected, and I'm looking forward to whenever I get back there (wherever it is).