Brian & Meredith | Denver Engagement Photography


I hate writing blog introductions, so here's a list of facts that will give these photos context:

1. The Bride and Groom are Brian and Meredith. They're getting married in October and having their wedding at the clocktower in Downtown Denver. (Thus the clock pictures)

2. Meredith likes bright colors and glamour and so do I. I think that's why they picked me to shoot their wedding. I've been promised Wizard of Oz  references, and old school Marilyn style glamour. Plus the inside of the clocktower is four floors of ridiculousness and chandeliers. I'm getting excited just imagining the images I'm going to get to make.

3. We got up early on a Sunday and traipsed around Downtown Denver for these pictures. We were looking for a mural that we never found. I'm not sure if it was painted over or I'm just that directionally challenged. Either way, these serendipitous photos materialized on the journey. My creative ethos is very comfortable with spontaneity. (I played improvisational jazz piano for years...) Plus, I love what happens to people's faces when they relax and are never forced to pose, just to be.

Brian and Meredith--Thanks again so much.