Meredith & Brian's Wedding | Downtown Denver Wedding Photography


An alternate title might be: "All things Bright and Glamorous," or even "Marilyn Monroe isn't in Kansas Anymore." 

Meredith, who gives off a certain Galinda (Wicked) meets Marilyn vibe in her normal life, wasn't shy about making this wedding completely her own. You don't see a lot of grooms and groomsmen in hot pink, and yet, Brian and company wouldn't think of questioning Mere's style choices. It would be futile. Classic cars, outrageous cakes, black-and-white stripes, glow sticks, and the most eccentric-glam reception venue I have ever seen (the top 5 floors of the Clocktower on Denver's 16th st. Mall) made their wedding completely unforgettable. 

Then there's the showstopper. Brian's beautiful, articulate young daughter and Meredith have so completely bonded, anyone can see that this stepmother is the complete opposite of wicked. The daughter's toast about how thrilled she was that her dad was marrying such a wonderful woman had the whole room crying (including me).

Brian, you're a lucky man with these two women in your life. And I'm lucky to have met all three of you.

DJ: The amazing Andy and Lynette at RTH Entertainment  Venues: Denver Clocktower

Evans Memorial Chapel at DU

As receptions go, Brian & Meredith's was pretty incredible. She changed into a slimmer pink dress (The clocktower stairways are pretty narrow, and she didn't want to get stuck anywhere in her wedding dress. Plus...there wasn't enough pink) You gotta hand it to Brian here, too, he's a super intense guy who drops stories about being a diving instructor and jumping out of airplanes into casual conversation like everyone does that stuff. The guy also knows how to have a good time. He hugs his daughter,  pops his pink collar and can't take his eyes off his bride all night.