Heather & Mike | Denver Wedding Photography at The Manor House

I loved shooting Heather & Mike's wedding a few weeks ago at the Manor House. It was the perfect day in so many ways.We were just days into August after the hottest July on record and out of nowhere, the high was forecast that day at 82. The location was gorgeous, Heather looked amazing, and Mike was so happy all day...you could see it on his face every time he looked at her. The whole thing was delightful, really.

Other details I appreciated:

-We photographed their "first look" (seeing eachother for the first time that day a little before the wedding.

-There were so many beautiful spaces in and around the manor house, we were able to shoot indoors before the wedding and outdoors afterwards and get an incredible variety.

-Heather kept her 5" heels on the entire time. (I could never do that.)

-All of the ceremony music was classical. I remember hearing Debussy's Claire De Lune, which is one of my favorites.

-Before and after the ceremony the guests spread out on the enormous porch and drank iced tea and lemonade. It invoked the image of a southern plantation.

-They had a photobooth (from Memories Photo Booth www.memories-photobooth.com) set up in one of the rooms that the guests cycled in out of all night.

You can check out Heather & Mike's engagement photos here.

If you're looking for a wedding venue, I highly recommend the Manor House, and you can get more info on them here.