Austin & Kyle | Denver Botanic Gardens

I met Austin because of a fairly ridiculous mistake I made. Imagine, if you will, a typical trip to the drive-up teller at the bank. There's a little clear plastic shuttle that you put your money and deposit slip in to send it safely up the pneumonic tube and inside the building where the teller can then open it and find whatever treasure you've sent.

On this particular occasion, after the teller returned my receipt to me, I thoughtlessly tossed the shuttle into my passenger seat and drove off. I received a call about 15 minutes later notifying me of my inadvertent theft, but by that time I was well across town. I resolved to return it the next day. As it happened, Austin and one of her bridesmaids were working in the interior of the bank (Which I might never have seen if not for my mistake), and after having a good laugh about what I had done we discovered that we'd love to work together on her wedding. 

This is also more-or-less how she had met Kyle.

It's not hard to see how perfect these two are for eachother. Austin is charming and graceful, and just about the nicest person you'll ever meet. Kyle is thoughtful and kind..oh, and he bought her the best wedding present ever: Marilyn Manson concert tickets. Love it.