Why Choose Me?

Because I will deliver the incredible images you are dreaming of.


How? Because:

  • I am creative

Every wedding is a new artistic opportunity, and I'm always eager to create something I  haven't seen before. I love collaborating with you to make gorgeous art quality images that express your style in an original and beautiful way.

  • I am a professional

I've been hired for assignments by Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Homes & Land Magazine (Cover Photo), and many demanding wedding events. I've created marketing photography for schools,  political candidates, and corporations,  I worked at an independent photography studio for two years as an assistant before starting my Denver based Wedding Photography business. This experience has helped me understand the importance of meticulous data storage and backup strategies. I have never lost a client's images, and my photography for your event is my passion and my career, not a hobby or a favor. 

  • I am technically skilled

I work exclusively in manual mode with all of my cameras. I understand composition, exposure, light quality, backlighting, white balance, flash, and many other technical necessities of professional photography at a deep level-- and I use this knowledge to create beautiful and technically sound images in the camera before the editing process.

  • I have invested in my equipment

I shoot exclusively with Canon L series lenses and professional level cameras. A huge portion of the quality of a finished photograph is connected to the quality of the lenses used. We can capture light, color, and detail that hobby photographers simply cannot.

  • I am insured

I carry a $2 million dollar general liability policy as well as additional insurance on all my equipment. Many venues (such as the Denver Botanic Gardens) require photographers to be insured in order to photograph your wedding there.

  • I am "low drama"

I'll give you my suggestions for how things can run smoothly, and the conditions for creating the best photos, but I never forget that it's you that is running the show. I'll never insist that guests aren't allowed to take a certain shot, and I'll never disrupt a moment of your wedding day by being a prima-donna (a more common occurrence than you may realize). A wedding is about your relationships--both with your new spouse and all of the people you've invited to witness it. My mission is to capture those temporary moments and powerful emotions, never to get in the way of them.

  • I deliver

I edit all of your final images, not just the ones that end up on my website. Every package includes as much of my time for consultation before your wedding as you'd like, as well as your images on a disc and the right for you to reprint them. I work with you to make sure you're getting the photos you actually want and not just a standard shotlist. Many photographers outsource their production--they leave the creative and artistic work to people who do not know you, the event itself, or the moments the pictured captured. It is a travesty in this business, but it is the way a majority of photographers work due to their dependence on impersonal processes. 

Get in touch ASAP. Wedding dates are limited.