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I believe choosing your photographer is a decision that should be made unhurried, and with all the right information. When you book your wedding photographer, you are choosing the person who will spend as much time with you as your future spouse on your wedding day. You want to make sure that person is a good fit for your personality and outlook, not just for your style and budget. For that reason, Ideally, I'd like to meet you before you decide to book me for your big day. We'll meet over coffee, or at some cozy bar for happy hour, or if you're not in the Denver area, over FaceTime or Skype. We'll take our time, you can find out the answers to any question you have been wondering about, and most importantly, see if I'm the kind of person you want to be your photographer. I'll never ask you to make a decision on the spot, I believe important decisions are best thought over and talked through without pressure.

If you're interested in seeing if I'm the right photographer for you, get in touch, and we can make a plan to meet soon!


All Packages include:

  • Full Resolution Fully Edited JPG files with Rights

Almost All Packages include: 

  • Engagement Photos

  • Two Photographers 

  • Unlimited Time on your Wedding Day

We also offer Travel Wedding Packages and Elopement Packages.

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Making wedding photographs isn't like any other kind of photography. There's a connection between a couple leading up to their wedding day that is palpable and incredible. There is a connection that also must exist between the couple and their photographer. Truly amazing authentic images are only made when clients are comfortable and natural in front of the camera, which is a direct responsibility of the photographer. It is my life's work to take photographs that are truly about the depth of love and feeling between a couple as they make promises to each other. After the wedding is over, two things remain: The promise made between two people, and the photographs. 

You can also inquire about prices or set up a meeting via Phone: 970.403.5208   or Email:

I can't wait to hear from you!