I want Libby to photograph my wedding! What's next?

SWEET! I'm excited. Here's what we do: 

1) Consultation*. I want you to be over the moon about your wedding photos, for me to make the best images ever, I need to get to know you a little bit. Also, I want you to ask me all your hard questions up front and after hearing my answers and understanding how I work, feel like I'm the right fit for you. Consultations are always free and no-obligation and I never ask you to make a decision on the spot. I believe the best decisions are made with all the right information and a couple extra days to remember to ask anything that didn't come up. 

2) Contract & Deposit. When you've thought it over and you know that you know, The things I need from you to officially book your date are: I) a signed wedding photography contract (don't worry--it's not like a software license. It's short, understandable, and I give it to you at the consultation to look over at your own pace) and II) a deposit equivalent to 50% of your chosen wedding package. Because I can only shoot one wedding per day, dates are my most scarce resource. I'm often booked up to two years in advance, so don't hesitate to get in touch right away! Most wedding planners recommend securing your photographer as soon as your date and venue are booked. 

3) Experience overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment. (For me and you both)

*Consultation can be in person--a quick chat over coffee or drinks--or via voice call or video chat. Let me know what works best for you!

If you haven't been in touch already, let's make sure your date is available first! If we are already talking, let me know asap if you're ready to take the next step or if you have more questions. 

Please use this form, or email me directly at libby@libbynederphotography.com

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City, State, and the name of the venue if you've booked that already.